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Questions about Spanish Classes and Tutoring
What hours are the classes conducted?

We are flexible with our schedules and we allow the students to choose when to conduct classes. We are available Monday through Sunday, including evenings.

Is there a curriculum? 

Yes. The instruction plan includes lessons in grammar, vocabulary, verbs, expressions, phrases, written exercises, oral exercises, conversation, reading, comprehension, and others. We also allow students to tell us what specific subjects they would like to learn. Our goal is that students beginto speakSpanish from the first lesson.

How long will it take to learn Spanish fluently?

This will ultimately depend on the student and the time he or she dedicates in studying the language. We provide all the tools and knowledge so that the learning experience is excellent and fast. Based on our experience, students who take online classes on average of 3 hours per week, are skillful to speak Spanish in 6 months.

How can you guarantee the service and payment provided?

Our teachers are native Spanish speakers with very many years of experience, hundreds of satisfied students are our best guarantee for you, so your learning experience will be great and fun. We are a company that uses Paypal and thus we can guarantee your payment, we are verified by Paypal. 

What is the difference between us and others Spanish tutors/teachers?

Our business is to teach Spanish and we take pride in teaching others the language. We consider our students as such and not just as another payment. We sincerely want our students to learn the language. That is why we offer a free lesson everyday to our students, besides the one-on-one sessions they pay for.

Can I obtain references from other your students?

Yes. Our students have expressed satisfaction in our services and dedication to the classes. There have been high school students who have started with us because they had a grade of “D” and by the end of the school year had improved their grade to an “A.” Other students have also expressed learning much more than they expected in such a short period of time. Please read reviews about our teachers on our website.